ang n.

A man's car breaks down near a farmhouse. He needs a place to stay so he asks the owner of the farm is it's alright with him. The farmer agrees as long as he doesn't go near his twin daughters Nelly and Venus. Before going to bed Venus caught him in the upstairs hallway and told him to meet her at his car when everyone falls asleep. They meet up and have a good time. Even later that night Venus came into his room and showed him an even better time. In the morning the famrer said he would fix his car as long as he could provide his name and adress. He agreed and when the car was fixed he drove off. A few months later he recieved a letter in the mail as follows... Was it you who did the pushin Left the spots on the cushion Left the footprints on the dashboard upside down? Ever since you were with my daughter Nelly She's had trouble with her belly. Don;t you think it's about time you came around? He wrote back... Yes it was me who did the pushin left the spots on the cushion left the footprints on the dashboard upside down but ever since i was with your daughter Venus I've had trouble with my penis Don't you think it's 50/50 all around?

funniness: 5.87

rating: PG-13