Cole J.

One day, 3 kids were walking down by the lake. After a few minutes of walking, one of the kids spots a person floating face down in the water and says to the other two, "Hey! there's a guy down there! We'd better do something about him!" So the three of them jumped in to the lake, swam over to the body, and pulled it out only to discover that it was George W. Bush! After a few minutes of CPR, there were able to get him to breathe again. George looks up at the kids and says, " I thank you 3 very much for saving me. I will do any one thing that each of you wants." The kids think a minute and the first kid says, "I want to be rich!" George says, "Done. I can wire you 1 Billion dollars!" The second kid says, "I want access to the latest and most advanced technology known to man and alien!" George thinks a minute and says, "You now have access to Area 51 and can visit anytime you want, and also feel free to bring friends and family with you." The third kid says, "Alright, I want a motorized wheelchair with an Xbox, a fridge, a phone, and a television!" George is confused about the request and says, "Alright, I will have it shipped to your house. But can I ask why you want it. It doesn't look like you're handicapped to me?" The kid replies, "No, I'm not handicapped now, but I will be after I tell my dad that I saved your sorry ass!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: PG