Samantha G.

Suzy asked her mom,"Mom, how much do you weigh?" She mom replied,"Suzy, That's not a very nice thing to ask a lady." "ok then, how old are you mommy?" "Suzy, that's not a very nice thing to ask either." The next day, Suzy told her bestfriend Emily about the conversation that they had and her friend Emily said, "Just look at their licence, it's like and grown-up report card, it tells you everything." That night, after Suzy looks at her moms licence, she goes to her mom and says, "Mom, I know how much you weigh." "Oh, really?" "152 pounds." "how did you Know that?!?" "And... I also Know how old you are, 49 years old." "Suzy! Mind your mannors!!" "and I also Know why you and dad got a divorce..." "WHY?" "Because you got an 'F' in SEX."

funniness: 5.38

rating: R