jonatan f.

Alright there are 2 kids.kid 1 knows all the american curse words-exept for asshole.kid 2 knows all of them. I will put {} around the words in english.(weARE ON VACTION TO SWEDEN) So we are riding a 5 seating bike and they jump on the back, we sahke them off. The next day they to the same but don't let go, so we go realy,realy fast off a jump and they let go and yell {YOU MOTHER FUCKER!} My brother yells "speishy when it comes to your mom!" The next day kid 1 sees some fungi on kid 2's toenail,and wants to say toenail in american,so he asks my brother, my brother says {asshole} So kid 1 says to kid 2 "there is some fungi on your {asshole}kid 2 punchs kid 1 in the face Kid 1 is like "what the hell??" Kid 2 says translates {asshole}in to swedish for him and we run of happy for revenge on them. You get it yet?

funniness: 1.83

rating: PG-13