Alexis J.

Once upon a time in a far far away land there was a gay guy, a blonde, a brunnette, a red-head, a chinese man and a U.N. officer. They were the chosen ones for an $10000000000000000000000.98 prize. They were all on the same couch, with the same attitude {bored}, and doing the same thing {eating}. While the the chinese man was chomping away on his food he bit into something and dissapered. The food splattered every where and of cousre the blonde started cursing her mouth off. After an hour of wandering what happened the U.N. official said "maybe it's because he touched it". All of sudden a evil Yorkshier Terrier jumped out and said "i miss you my friend all you have to do is touch the bottle and we can play". th dog said to the red-head. She touched the bottle and she dissapeared. Then popped out a dress with matching shoes and stunna shades { a very bad match} it said "hidy hidy ho come join me Cocoa, and live in this land full of gay folks". The gay guy didn't even have to think he touched and then he dissapeared. Then popped out the Declaration of Independance and said "hey gurlie why don't you come and see if John Hancock really signed me". The brunnette touched and she dissapeared. Then popped out a toy-calculator and said "hey if you come press the zero on my button you'll become smart". She touched it and dissapeared. The U.N. officer got on his cell phone "apparently it worked every dumb person, gay person, super samrt pesron and last and the least bad drivers dissapeared from america". MORAL: Chinese ppl can't drive

rating: PG