Regath B.

One day, a fisherman and son went fishing. They went to the best site where the fisherman used to fish. when they arrived at the place, the fisherman said to his son. Son, today will be our lickest day, why? asked the son. The fisherman answered, because i said so. But, before we started lets say our prayers to 'the god of the sea'. SO that he will grant us big fish today. The fisherman stood and shouted loudly, Oh 'god of the sea', hear us now. Today i want the very best from you. Because, we will give you all the big and the best fish back if we catch many today. The son wasn't agree to his father, so he told his father not to said that to 'the god of the sea'. The fisherman turn to his son and said, be quiet son, it's just a litle trick to the god of the sea, we won't give any fish either. later that day they have caught nothing, and when the went home the only trick he got is someone had stole his big beautiful wife. Oh, what a unlucky fisherman wasn't he?

funniness: 2.80

rating: PG