Mister M.

One day, three men are driving down a road in the middle of nowhere. They are running out of gas, and have to stop soon. They see a farm, and drive up the drive way, the car sputtering. They meet the farmer (not to mention his sexy daughter) and he agrees to let them stay and also to drive them to the nearest village to get gas, on one condition. "If any of you do anything with my daughter, it won't be pleasant, but if you don't, you may marry my daughter!" The farmer says. The daughter spreads her legs invitingly. The next day, the farmer says to the men, "All right, the jig is up fellahs, I had my daughter put a razor blade in her pussy, drop your pants!" First guy drops his pants, his dick's gone, and the farmer whips out a gun and shoots him. Second guy drops 'em, dick's gone, gets shot. The third guy drops his pants, nothing happens. The farmer is amazed and says, "Wow! You may marry my daughter!" The guy opens his mouth to say thank you, but, unexpectedly, his tongue is gone.

funniness: 7.16

rating: R