sugarblondiefartblossem A.

''The Pet Shop'' Once there was a Mexican man who owned a pet shop,and he had a parrot who kept saying ''F- you,F-you.'' The man said,''if you say that one more time I'm going to flush you down the toilet.'' The parrot said it again, and the man put him in the toilet,but...he forgot to flush.Two hours later he had to use the bathroom,and he heard a voice saying,'''Iseeeeee your hineyyyyy all nice and shineyyyyyy and if you do not hide it,huh,I will bite it!'' The man looked down and didn't see anything except crap,so... he flushed the toilet......Then the man heard a voice saying ''I'm floating down the river on a Hersey Bar.'' Told By:~sugarblondiefartblossum A.N.K.

funniness: 2.60

rating: PG