stacy w.

Two black kids dress up for Halloween and they go to the first house and the guy answers the door and says, "You two look really cute. What are you supposed to be?" The black girl answers, " We are Jack and Jill." The guy says but you can't be Jack and Jill you're black." They say okay and off they go. A little while later they come back and the guy says," You two look cute, what are you supposed to be now?" The boy answers," We are Hansel and Gretel." The guy says,"But you can't be Hansel and Gretel, you're black." they say okay and come back later. When they show up they are naked and the guy says, "What are you supposed to be now?" The girl says we're M&Ms. I'm plain and he's got nuts."

funniness: 5.48

rating: PG-13