Michele R.

There are three men that are to be executed by a fire squad. One man says, ?You know, if they miss, they can?t shoot again because that?s against the double jeopardy law ? you can?t be tried for the same crime twice.? The other three sit & nod, while the first man is taken away to be shot. He is tied up & blindfolded. The leader of the firing squad yells, ?Ready, aim?? The man tied up yells ?Tornado, tornado!? The firing squad shoots all over the place & misses the man tied up, and he goes free. The second guy steps up & thinks, ?Hey? if it worked for him, maybe it?ll work for me too!? The process is repeated, ?Ready, aim?? ?Flood, flood!? The firing squad again shoots all over the place, misses the second man & he goes free. The 3rd guy steps up & is frantically thinking, ?I gotta think of a natural disaster, I gotta think of a natural disaster!? ?Ready, aim?? ?FIRE FIRE!?

funniness: 5.80

rating: G