Alexis J.

AT LUNCH PRINCIPAL {Mr. i don't wanna blink}: Attention students we just found out that some of you are behaving ver bad- Friend-{fart} yo momma, burn IN HOMEROOM Friend- i'm telling the teacher Me-{runs to teacher first} Mrs.{} she's threating that she's gonna tell on me because i punched her in the face AT LUNCH Friend- hey alexi guess who i went to the movies with last night? yo mo- Me- say it and i'll tell your dad our wedding is off! In HOMEROOM Friend- hey {} guess what i did over the weekend? Friend- what? Friend- i ate chees. o yea friend- duchebag class- burn teacher- hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, stop or i'll be forced to friend- buy me a duchebag o class & teacher- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha SORRY TO ALL YOU GUYS THAT THOUGHT THAT WAS NOT FUNNY BUT HERE'S TO MAKE UP FOR YOUR LOSS.... YOU KNOW UR'RE GOIN CRAZY WHEN... 1. U ARE ON THE COMPUTER AND EVERYTIME UR tv MAKES A NOISE U TURN AROUND TO SEE IF IT WAS MY SPIRIT 2. U ARE NOT LAUGHIN AT WHAT I JUST WROTE SAYIN "WHAT A CORNY DUMMY" 3. THINKING ABOUT HOW MY PRINCIPAL LOOKS {HE'S A GUY} 4. WHEN UR PHONE RINGS YOU PICK IT UP AND U HEAR {START LAUGHIN NOW....NOW...NOW....NOW....NOW....AWW YOU LOST THE MOMENT 6. WHEN UR THINKING ABOUT A SMILE=} BUT U DON'T 7. WHEN YOU SEE THAT I DID NOT WRITE A FUNNY JOKE 8. WHEN YOU SCROLL BACK UP AND REALIZE U FORGOT TO READ 5. 9. UR THINKING WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END? HER'S MY ANSWER TO YOU 10. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHECK OUT SOMEBODY ELSE'S JOKE AND DON'T FORGET TO....... VOTE A 10 ON THE CORNIEST JOKES EVER

funniness: 1.67

rating: PG