robbie j.

there was an old man and a young boy.the old man asks the boy if he wants to know about the old mans younger years.the boy replies ''yes''.the old man talks about how he was in the navy at age 45 and all the kid stuff.he asks did you get all of that youngin?the boy replies ''no''.what?!the old man yells.the boy responds again ''I SAID...NO I DID NOT HEAR EVERYTHING TELL ME WHEN YOU WERE IN THE NAVY!'' WHAT!?says you know who.OMG YOU NEED A HEARING AID! the boy leaves angrily and returns with a box containg drugs sleeping gas and hospital needles. the boy says im just gonna shove this needle is your arm ok?and take these pills ok?the boy had a smirk on his face :]and breath this gas it smells like bubble the boy does the process of drugs gas and needles.the old man curses and yells you little trouble maker stop iot its so hard to mess around with kids these days...... THUD!!!the man fell on the ground with a thud.ambulances arrive.a medic pickas up the needle and holds it next to the victim look what you did!the medic said.the coppers appear shortly.sir youre under arrest for doping and drugging a poor older man.buzzz whir!! the medic gets driven to prison he mutters i wish i was that man!

funniness: 1.00

rating: PG