Maria S.

There were three men in a plane; two white guys, Bob and Jim, and a Middle Eastern guy, Roger, who has a very thick accent. Their plane crashes on a deserted island. Bob takes charge and tells the others that he will set up a shelter. He tells Jim to go searching for firewood so they can make a fire, and he tells Roger to go looking for other supplies. Jim meets Bob back at his makeshift shelter with firewood at dusk. Roger has not yet gotten back, so Bob and Jim start to make a fire. It gets very dark, and Roger still hasn't returned. Bob and Jim are very tired so they decide to sleep and if Roger has returned in the morning, they will go looking for him. Bob and Jim wake up and it is still somewhat dark, but they set out anyway. They stay close and are yelling out Roger's name. They haven't moved a foot before Roger jumps out from behind some bushes and screams "Supplies!!"

funniness: 2.80

rating: PG