Johnny M.

Ok there was a man sitting in a barroom watching footbal when an Alien walked in and sat beside him, The man ,half drunk didn't think much of it. After about five minutes though the alien poked him in the arm with his finger and yelled "squible!" the man thought this was kinda creepy so he moved down a couple seats a few moments later the Alien came and sat beside him and poked him saying "squible!" this frustrated the man so he moved down a couple more seats. a few minutes later the Alien repeated wht he had just done yelling "squible!" by this time the man was really irratated so he set up and said to the Alien that if he touched him again that he would pull the Aliens pants down and cut off his dick! once again the Alien came and set down by the man and poked him yelling "squible!" so the man took out his Bowie knife and pulled the Aliens pants down. Astonished that their was nothing there to cut off he asked the Alien how he had sex the Alien poked him and yelled out "squible!"

funniness: 5.31

rating: PG-13