Alexis J.

Once upon a time thier was a man that went to the beach with his wife and kids {not important persons}. He decided to go swimming so as he waddled into the ocean he stumbled upon some seaweed that was covering something hard. He bent down to pick it up, turns out it was a genie bottle. The genie popped out, "oh thank you thank you young lad i've been stuck in there for over 1000 years so the least i could do is grant you three wishes". the guy was like "sure". so he looked around the beach, he saw a guy that was real buff so he said "I wish i was a billion times buffer than that guy". cha ching he was buff. so he looked around the beach again and saw nothing but wait there was his wife flirting with a guy way hotter than him so he siad "I wish i was a billion times hotter than that guy is". cha ching he was hotter. Then he looked around once more but saw nothing than he remembered that back in his school days he wasn't the brightest guy so he wished "i wish i was a billion times smarter than i am". cha ching poof poof poof whoo whoo. The genie turned him into a girl.

funniness: 1.40

rating: PG