Cara B.

David Beckham, Santa Claus, Tom Jones and a school girl were on an aeroplane to Denmark. They were all happily chatting when there was an urgent message from the pilot. They were about to crash! Santa Claus got the parashoots out and there were only 3. David Beckham grabbed one and said "The world needs football!" And jumps off the plane. Santa Claus picks one up and says "Kids need Presents!" And jumps off the plane. Tom Jones then says "It's ok young school girl, you can have the last Parashoot. I have had enough fame in my life to enjoy. Now it's your turn." The School Girl turns around and says. "Oh don't worry there's still two parashoots." "Oh, How Come?" Asks Tom Jones. "David Beckham took my school bag."

funniness: 4.77

rating: G