jessica k.

A little girl is learning her animal sounds... her mother is teaching them to her, so decides to take her on a walk through their grandfather's farm. They hear all the animal noises, and when they get back to the house the mother quizes the little girl on them. "What sound does a sheep make?" the mother asks... "Baahh" says the little girl. "What sound does a dog make?" the mother asks... "Bark!" says the little girl "What sound does a duck make?" "Quack!" says the little girl, feeling quite pleased with herself. "What sound does a cat make?" the mother asks... "Moo!" the little girl chirps, and the mother decides to make one more trip through the barnyard... Two cats are sitting on the fence posts. When the little girl and her mother walk by and the mother isnt looking the cat says. "Mooooo! Moooo!" the cat sitting next to it turns and looks at the other cat. "That's mean. Now that little girl will be confused and think cats say moo! What do you have to say for youself?" she asks, incredulously. "What else do I have to do? They cut my testicles off!"

funniness: 4.27

rating: PG