Kathryne D.

Three men, Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth and Osama Bin Ladin are flying in Madonna's private luxury jet. Suddenly, Babe has a brilliant idea. "Let's see who can afflict the most damage to any particular place only with what they have carried on this plane." Tiger decides that he will take the first shot. He pulls a golf club out of his pant leg and drops it out of the plane window adn watches it hit the ground. Babe decides to go next. He pulls a baseball bat out of his underwear and chucks it out of the window in the same fashion, also watching it's descent. Osama doesn't have a weapon to spare (surprisingly), so he karate chops the plane pilot and steers the plane towards the nearest sky scraper. Sadly, the pilot dies, but the three men eject moments before the plane detonates the structure. Upon landing, they explore the land to see their work. Tiger finds a little boy crying his eyes out on the sidewalk. When asked what happened, he replies, "My mommy and I were walking, and a golf club fell from the sky and killed her." He smiles, satisfied. Babe walks around, and finds a little girl crying. He knowingly asks, "What's wrong?" She says, "My mommy and daddy were walking with me and a baseball bat fell from the sky and killed them both." Babe smiles, as he knows he is winning. Osama walks for hours, but can't find a gloomy face anywhere. He finally comes upon a grown man, laughing his face off. He decides to ask, "What be happening?" The man replies through his laughing fits, "I farted and that building blew up!"

funniness: 2.17

rating: PG