al d.

My mom is a school's principal and asked the teachers to make the students write an essay about there summer vacationc, here is one stupid essay:(for real) I was playing soccer in Venezuela with Haitian police man and my grandma as a fire woman, suddenly my ball fle away to old Mc dolnald's fram and hitone of his crazy blue chickens. i went to get it but a giant marshmellow fell from the sky, i ate it and I was thisty, so I went and drunk a mountain dew. I was driking it when i heard about a war of cats and barbies and a firetruck stapled to Bush's house was trying to kill th fire of the alien spaceship. the alein asked my dad for a tuneup but it take long so they went to my house and had a party with cake and milk. in the morning they were so drunk that they had a accident in space when they returned. the was my vacation. I actually copied that essay for my psych class, I'm in 11th grade.

funniness: 4.10

rating: G