Kevin M.

A blonde and her boyfriend are playing 52 pickup. The blonde throws a card awkwardlly at her boyfried and it slits his throat. "OH MY GOD!! YOU IDIOT!!" he says gasping for air. "Call 911!! Call 911!!" he yells. In a frantic search for the phone, the blonde breaks out in tears. "I cant find it!!" cries the blonde retart. "On.... the.... wall....." he tells as he passes out. "O yeah. Right." she says as she comly walks to the phone. She picks it up normally like nothing was wrong. "9....9....9....9....9...? Honey, where is the 9 butto- found it!" she says very proud of herself. For 18 minutes, all the neighbors can hear are curses. "Honey, you better be o.k. I cant find the damn 11."

funniness: 4.65

rating: PG