Kevin M.

A grandpa and a grandson were spending time together. "Hey, do you wanna hear some of our family tales?" asked the grandfather asked. "Sure pop." "Well, this is about Uncle Harry. He was a marine and a good one at that. He was a vetran skydiver in the marines and was put into Korea. He was told to jump outta the plane and land in the Korean base and plant the "bomb". But good ol' Uncle Harry was wasted from a party he was at the day before. So, he jumped outta the plane with nothing on his back. He was yellin 'Why did I do this!! I'm gonna die!! Why did I do this!!' And BOOM he landed." grandpa stopped. "Ok boy, what do you think went through ol' Uncle Harry's head when he did this?" grandpa asked his grandson. His grandson stood up, jumpped up and down and yelled "I know what went through his head!!! HIS KNEES! HIS KNEES!" ~a reason why americas youth is so lovable~

funniness: 5.88

rating: PG