Casey P.

Mr. Miller was walking through the countryside when he passed a house with the most beautiful horse he has ever seen in their pasture. He asked the owners if he could buy the horse. They agreed. "But, Mr. Miller," they said, "we need to tell you about something. You see, we are a very religious family, and we trained our horse to gallop only when you say 'Thank God,' and will only stop if you say 'Our Father Who Art in Heaven.'" Mr. Miller understood, got on his horse, said "Thank God," and the horse started to gallop. After a while, they started to approach a cliff. He could not remember the phrase to get the horse to stop galloping. He went through every biblical passage he could think of until he got to "Our Father Who Art in Heaven," and the horse stopped not a foot away from the edge of the cliff. Mr. Miller wiped his sweaty eyebrow and said, "Thank God..."

funniness: 6.33

rating: G