J.C. B.

There was a boy named Johnny who live right behind a building that had an anormous amount of grafitti on it. One day, while he was coming home from school he saw a word written on the wall. When he gets home he asks: "Mom, What does crap mean?" "Where did you here that word from Johnny?" he replied, "I read it on the wall when I was coming home from school, What does it mean?" "Its a fancy word for dinner." "Oh....Okay" and he went to his room. The very next day he asks his mom: "Mom, What does butthead mean?" "where did you hear that word Johnny?" she asks. "I saw it covering up the word on the wall that meant dinner, what does it mean?" "Its what people around here call their pastor." "Oh....Okay" and he went to his room. The very next day he asks:"Mom what does sex mean?" "You read that on the wall didn't you?" Johnny nodded, "yup, What does it mean?" "It's a word for getting dressed. Now hurry up and get ready the pastor is coming over for dinner" "okay." he says When the pastor arrived Johnny opened the door and said, "Hi butthead, craps on the table and mom and dad are upstairs having sex!"

funniness: 5.43

rating: PG-13