Jhanna F.

A woman and her husband are arguing about where to eat. "Let's have Chinese!" the woman said. "We are getting McDonald's,"the husband argued. " You need to go on a diet!You eat at McDonald's at least nine times a week!"the wife said angrily. After thinking for a while, the man said,"I'll go on a diet. A 'SeaFood' diet." " Okay.The Chinese resraunt serves seafood. We can eat there." Once inside the restraunt, the woman had to go to the restroom. "I'll be right back." After he was sure she had left, the husband went to the buffet and grabbed all the meat and dessert in site until his platter was full. When the woman got back from the bathroom,she went back to the table to find her husband eating his seventh sugar donut. "I thought you were on a seafood diet!" she yelled "I am.I see food and I eat it!"the man said with a with a BBQ smile.

funniness: 2.75

rating: G