jonatan f.

There once was a man who's name was Johnny Humperharder. He preffered to be called Johnny. One day, During class, Johnny asked to be let out of class. So did his girlfriend. But instead of going to the bathroom, They went into the janotors closet and locked the door. In there, they made love to each other. The teacher though, couldn't figure out where they went. She checked both bathrooms, (yes, both, like a dedicated techer) All the other classrooms, and even the storage closet. Then, she past by the janitors closet. It was locked, so she asked the janitor for the key. The janitor said yes, thinking somebody spilled pencil shavings and she needed a broom. So, when the teacher unlocked the door, she saw Johnny and his girlfriend making passionate love. Scolding him, the teacher yelled "Johnny Humperharder!" Then, said johnny, not stopping, "I'm trying, i'm trying!"

funniness: 5.65

rating: PG-13