Paula L.

this is a true story. it happened to my parents and my aunt and uncle when they were in Georgia. they were driving back to melbourne (florida) at around 11 at night. since they couldnt afford to drive anymore because they would be running a risk of falling asleep, they decided to stay at a hotel in Atlanta. at about 11:30, they checked in, found a room, and unpacked. my aunt and uncle were across the hallway. my mom tried to program the alarm clock to wake them up at about 6:30, but since the clock was so old, she had no idea how to use it, and my dad was no help; he was too tired. mom decided to phone down to the front desk to ask for a wake up call at 6:30. they go to bed and about 5 minutes later, my mom hears -beep- -beep- -beep- -beep- and gets up to see what it is. she looks at the alarm clock and assumes that she programmed it wrong. she frusturatedly tries to shut it off, but since it didnt seem to shut off, she ripped the plug out of the wall. the beeps stop for a few seconds, and then start up again. she thinks that the clock has a backup battery before dad tells her that he thinks its the fire alarm going off. they rush out of the room. you know that you are in a pretty bad situation when you see desparate people in hair curlers, facial masks (you know, that thick green goop), and thin nightgowns walking around in pink slippers. there was a mall across the street that wasnt open, but had it opened for the hotel people. it is now about 2:00 AM and at 29 degrees, its pretty cold outside and since the mall was closed, there was not too much heat. my parents wait there for about five and a half hours before finally returning to the hotel. when they finally get to their room, having not slept at all, they finally get to bed. just as they think nothing bad will happen... ...i love this part... the phone rings. "WAKE UP CALL!!" -After the incident- the whole reason for the problem was that there was a couple that would be married the next day. the bride told her sister that she would be hanging her dress up on the sprinkler nozzle on the wall so that the dress would have no wrinkles. the weight of the dress bent the nozzle downwards so that it set off the fire alarm. the water brought the bathroom down one floor and caused rotting in the ceiling tiles and floor boards. too bad... the woman's dress was wrecked anyway.

funniness: 2.83

rating: G