santosh g.

Once upon a time there was a woodcutter. One day, he was cutting the branches of a tree above a pond when he accidentally dropped his axe into the pond. He then sat by the side of the pond and kept crying :cry: until the God living in the pond appeared infront of him and asked the reason for crying. The woodcutter told that he had lost his axe. Then the god disappeared and appeared with a golden axe and asked if that was his axe. Woodcutter said , "No." The god again came out with silver axe and asked if it was his. He, again said no. Lastly, he came out with an iron axe and asked if it was his. He gladly said Yes. The god was very happy with the man and and he gave the man all three axes. The man went home and told the whole story with his neighbor. The neighbor , too wanted to have gold axe. So, he went to the same place and dropped the axe as if it was an accident. He then acted as if he were crying. But hours passed and the god didn't appeared.So, he was really mad and dived into the pond. He found that the god was hit by the axe and was lying dead.

funniness: 2.40

rating: PG