Bennett H.

One day Leanardo DaVinci died but they needed proof he was actually Leanardo Davinci so they could let him in. So he painted the Mona Lisa, and they let him in. Many years later Albert Einstien died, and when they asked him how do we know you're really Einstien? So he quickly scribbled down a few equations and they let him in. Then much more years later George Bush die went to heaven, and they asked him, How do we really know you're George Bush. Then he said, "Well I dunno." "Well, we've already gotten proof from Leanardo Davinci and Albert Einstien." "Who's Albert Einstien and Leanardo Da-?" he replied. And the gateskeeper interupted, "Come In!"

funniness: 5.33

rating: PG