nina m.

John and Mary, both widowers, meet at a nursing home. They immeadiately take a liking to each other, and start spending a lot of time sitting together in the park. One day, John confesses something to Mary. "Mary, I know we're old, and I know this will sound odd, but could you do this for me? Could you just hold my... it for a while?" Mary is taken aback by the request, but she agrees to do this for John. After this, John and Mary sit in the park, Mary holding little-John. However, one day, Mary canot find John. She goes out to the park, to check if John went ahead. To her astonishment, Mary sees John at the bench with Georgia, doing what she used to do with John! Hurt, she walks back. The next day, Mary finds John before breakfast to ask about the incident. "John, I saw you and Georgia. I thought this was our thing? What does she have that I don't?" John looks embarrassed. "Parkinsons disease..."

funniness: 5.67

rating: PG