Shawn S.

This man dies and goes straight to hell. After the smoke and brimstone clears a little he see's the Devil sitting in a hottub,with beatiful blondes on both sides of him , and he's drinking a beer. The Devil smiles at the guy and says come on in , snuggle up to one of these blondes. The guy jumps in the tub and snuggles up to the blondes. The Devil say's want a cold beer and grabs the guy a cold one. The guy says man this is alright.The Devil just smiles . The guy goes to open his beer , flips it over then flips it again and say's hey theres no hole in this can. The Devil starts to laugh and says thats right theres no holes in the blondes either . WELCOME TO HELL !!

funniness: 6.21

rating: PG