ello e.

Ok, a Father of one had been raped and was lieing naked in hospital. His 5 year old daughter walks into the room and says to her Dad " What's that? " while pointing at his penis. While he was hurting alot he did not want to explain what a penis was to his daughter at that time so he said " It's a soilder dear." Then the little girl asked " Can I play with the soilder? " and the father, not wanting to explain why she couldn't, said " Ok, But be nice. " 10 minutes later, the father wakes up and there is blood everywhere and his penis is in terrible pain. He says to his dauther " What the hell happened! " and the little girl replied " Well, i was playing with the soilder and i was being nice, but then the soilder went stiff and long and the soilder spat at me so i bit his head off!!!"

funniness: 4.18

rating: R