A R.

One day, little 7 years old Johnny was going shopping with his mother. When he comes across a box of tampons, he asks her, "What's this, mommy?" Avoiding the lecture, for he was too young, she just said, "Those are popsicles, honey." Confused, Johnny said, "But it says 'Tampons' mommy." "That's just the company that makes them." Satisfied, he put it back. A day later, he goes shopping with his dad and comes across a box of condoms. He brings them to his dad and asks, "What's this, daddy?" He was too young for the lecture, so he said, "Those are balloons, son." "But it says condoms, daddy." "That's the company that makes them." So he puts them back. Two weeks later, he sends out cards for his birthday party. This is what they said: YOU'RE INVITED!!! My 8th Birthday is here!! I'm having a clown, petting zoo, pizza, condom balloons, and tampon popsicles!!!! -Little Johnny

funniness: 4.83

rating: PG