Adam G.

One day, this gorgeous blonde was found in the bar. The leprechaun, who hangs around in the bar all day, spotted this hot women, walked up to her, and said, "I'll give you 3 wishes just for having these phenomenal looks." The blonde, thinks about it and answers, " OK, I would like every guy in here to be just interested in me." The Leprechaun, says, "Done." and POOF! the blonde is completely nude and every guy is looking at her nice breast and that nice pussy. Then, the leprechaun says, "OK, you still have 2 more wishes. What will they be.?" The little blonde, thinks about it some more and says... " Hmm.... I would like a guy to make love with me." The leprechaun replies, "Done." and starts drilling her out in the mouth. The blonde choking on the oversized dick says, "Wait! I still have one more wish." The leprechaun stops and says, "what will your last wish be?" The blonde replies" I wanted the guy to make love with me be a big hunk. "Done." The leprechaun replies. POOF! The leprechaun tranforms his body into a huge macho man sort of thing, with big muscles, taller, much taller, and with satisfaction, starts to drill her nice pussy real hard!

funniness: 2.91

rating: R