colt c.

A husband, wife, and their 6 year old son decided to go out to a movie on Friday night, and they left their 15 year old daughter home because she didn?t want to go. Seeing as the parents wanted to see an interesting movie, they went into an ?R? rated film with their young son. Halfway through the movie, a couple starts having sex and the son asked his parents what they were doing. The parents told him that they were baking a cake. Though he didn?t quite understand, the little boy continued to watch the film. At night when they all got home, the 3 of them walked in on the daughter having hard sex with her boyfriend on the family sofa. The son asked what they were doing and again was told that they were baking a cake. Still he did not know what they meant by this. After the parents kicked the boyfriend out and talked with their daughter, everyone went to bed. The next morning the little boy ran into the kitchen and yelled that their mom and dad had baked cake last night. The mom and dad ran in, and demanded where he got this idea. He happily responded, ?I licked the icing off the floor!!!!?

funniness: 5.17

rating: R