Jase M.

In the year 2090, a scientist discovers how to bring people back to life. But because a lot of the vital bodyparts are missing, he is forced to use two people. After researching for a while the scientist decides who is going to bring back to life. He wanted some one who was big and fit, so he asked that Arnold Schwarzenegger's body be brought to his lab. For the other person he wanted someone who changed the world, so he could ask him about his life. So he asked the authorities, and Michael Jackson was also brought to his lab. The surgery was succesful, and two greats where brought back to life. The scientist had a press conference later that day. He was asked whether he had decided on a name, but the scientist hadn't really thought about it. But someone in the crowd had a name for him, and he yelled it out for everyone to hear: "Michael Wasanigger!"

funniness: 5.35

rating: PG-13