Roy T.

Todd was an avid golfer, but try as he might, he could never beat his friend Al. Every week they would play a cash game, and every week Todd would have to shell out $100. For the final week Todd and Al had a tradition of playing a doubles tournament for all the money they had bet the whole year- this year $4000. This year Todd decided that he would win his money back, so he went down to the docks and found the biggest man he could find, a Pole named Sikorski. He took Sikorski to the driving range and trained him on how to hit the ball, and after several sessions, they were ready for the big game. So the day came, and they stepped up to the first tee, and Al hit his ball 250 yards, his partner 225 yards, and Todd hit his 230 yards. Up stepped Sikorski, and he nailed the ball, and when it was all said and done, the ball ended up on the green, 400 yards away! Al turned to Todd and said, "There's no use in playing any more... and handed over $4000." As they walked to get a drink, Al asked Todd- "So how's he putt?" "The same way he drives."

funniness: 5.39

rating: G