Roy T.

Jonas Smith was convicted of burglary and sent to jail, to serve his sentance. When he got there, he met his cell mate, and was given a brief tour of the place. After a while, they walked into the recreation room, and there was a large circle of inmates sitting on chairs. "Oh, good, they're telling jokes", so Jonas and his cell mate pulled chairs up and joined the circle. Then a man stood up and said "number 15", and the entire circle burst into laughter. Jonas didn't understand and leaned over to whisper to his cell mate. "What's going on? Why did everyone laugh?" "We've all been here so long that we've heard every possible joke, and we now just give them all numbers." Soon enough, it was Jonas' turn, so he stood up and proudly said "Number 54!" and was stunned when he was met with stone silence. He sat back down, and whispered to his cell mate "What gives, why did no one laugh?" "Well, it just shows that some people just can't tell a joke."

funniness: 4.43

rating: PG