layo a.

Three american guys were sent on a mission ,their mission was to rescue a princess in a city where some certain words were forbidden .In the city the most horrible word forbbiden to say is ( boy)and the penalty is death. As they entered the city the first guy stumbled on a thing and fell when he looked at what made him fell, he was surprised and stuned to see he had stumbled on dead bodies lying on the ground then he screamed oh ! boy ! !shit ! and he died. the second guy ,seeing what happened to his companion, he was sorried for him and bent over him and said "buddy we are told not to say boy" he merely finished he speech when he too colasped and died. the third guy what so happy, that he started leaping and imagining himself in a very big mansion saved,since others are dead the money offered for the mission will be his alone. he was so happy that he remembered to thank God and said "oh ! thank God i didn't say boy and he too died.

funniness: 3.88

rating: PG