Jaseph C.

These huntin' buddies were telling their worst hunting experience. After they all finished this one ol' boy said: "I got all you ass holes beat. I was needing a new bird dog a while back. I looked in the newspaper and seen an add for a dog so I called it up and she said yes it's still for sell. So I went to see this dog and told her that I needed a bird dog, but I wasn't sure if he would really work. She said Oh don't worry about that he just loves to chase birds so you should have no problems. So I went ahead and bought him, and when quail season came in he was great. Then Dove season came along he was even better. When I took him with me on Duck season I'd never seen a dog work so hard. Well, then geese season came along. I got in my blind started calling the geese (Honk, Honk, Honk) the dog looked all excited and ready to go. Well, When I shot my first goose The dog shot off and after about 10 minutes he came back with a kid on a bike with a little horn on it. I said BAD DOG! that's no goose that's a lil' child. So I took him and showed him the goose. He sniffed it and seemed to know what he was doing after that. So We went back to my blind and I started to call again (Honk, Honk, Honk) and as usual he got all excited ready to run. Well, I made my kill and like before he shot off after it. After about 20 minutes he came back with a clown holding a horn. I said NO YA DAMN MUT! that ain't a goose that's a clown. So I took him over to the goose and let him sniff it. He seemed to really know what he was after this time so we went back to my blind and tried it one more time. (Honk, Honk, Honk) I made my kill and told the dog go get it boy and this time get it fuckin' right. Well, after about 30 minutes the dog hadn't come back so I went looking for him. I Found the goose but no dog I started walking to the highway and when I got there I saw the biggest damn traffic jam I'd ever saw, and in the middle of it was that damn dog running back and forth barking at each fuckin' car that honked. After I got the dog back I took him home and never used the son of a bitch again." When he finished his story his friends looked at him and said "well what kind of dog was it." He looked at them and said "I'm the only damn person in town to own a Blonde Lab." They looked at each other then back at him and asked "don't you mean a Yellow Lab?" He said "Hell No! I mean Blonde." They said " How do you figure that?" He said "cause that bitch I bought him from was a Fuckin' Blonde."

funniness: 2.60