The M.

Once there was a boy named Tim. He was in the first grade about to fail if he didn't pass the last test. He parents thought of a proposal to give to Tim. "If you pass the test, we will buy you anything under 1 DOLLAR." Saying this, Tim got an A on the test. The parents asked what he wanted and he said, "I want 2 pink ping-pong balls." Not hesitating upon his desision too much, they bought him the 2 pink ping-pong balls. Tim's school work from then on was fine up until 8th grade. He was about to fail if he didn't pass the test, so the parents thought up a better deal to make with Tim. "Son, if pass the test, we will buy you anything under 2 DOLLARS." This motivated Tim to get an A and he did. For his reward he said, "I want 4 pink ping-pong balls." Starting to think Tim was a little off, the parents bought him the 4 pink ping-pong balls. A couple years later Tim was a senior in high school. He was doing fine in school on a C/B average not failing or anything. The parents wanted to experiment not only to see how much it motivates Tim, but if he's mental. They told Tim "If you score a perfect on your SAT/ACTs, we will buy you anthing under 1,000 DOLLARS." And to no surprise, Tim aced the SATs and became valedictorian of his high school. Tim told his parents "Okay, go with me on this. I, Timothy Anderson, want you, Timothy Anderson's parents, to buy me, Timothy Anderson, 2,000 pink ping-pong balls." The parents of Timothy Anderson agreed to buy him what he wanted, but were sort of weirded out. After high school, Tim got offers from Harvard to Yale to even Oxford. Deciding upon Harvard Tim left home. At college he met his future wife Ann. After awhile, Tim started to drop on his grades because of spending too much time with Ann. Hearing this, Tim's parents began to worry about Tim and thought up an offer he couldn't refuse. "Tim, if you become valedictorian of Harvard, we will buy you anything you want in the world." Tim pondered about this offer and agreed to take it. Four years later, Tim graduated valedictorian of Harvard University with his Masters and his new wife. For this accomplishment Tim told his parents what he wanted, "Mom, Dad. He is where I'm at in life. I've graduated Harvard top of my class with my masters and my new wife. What I really want is a factory full of pink ping-pong balls." Tim's parents stuck to there offer but, up till now, they think their son is on something. 5 years later, Tim has two children and was on his to his annual check-up. The doctor quicly diagnosed Tim really sick and he was going to die in one month. On his death bed his parents and wife were at his side. Tim's parents were talking to Tim and the question came up, "Tim, son, in your finale days of life, can you answer your family one quick question?" "Suuuure", said Tim in a lowish whisper. "He has one minute left to live", the nurse said. "Quick", the parents said, "Tell us what you were going to do with all of those dang pink ping-pong balls!" "" Tim died.

funniness: 2.50

rating: PG