Mitchell D.

A penguin is driving along in a truck when suddenly it stops working, luckily there's a mechanic nearby so he asks if he can have a look. As the mechanic has a look at his truck he goes to a nearby pub to get a drink and cool himself off, because it's a hot day and he is after all a penguin and won't last too long without the air conditioning of his truck. He goes into the pub and gets some lemonade. doesn't cool him down very well. has some more. same thing. after 5 lemonades he notices they sell ice cream and gets some but because off his flippers he can't hold it properly and it goes all over him. He goes back to his truck and asks what his problem is. The mechanic says "looks like you've blown a seal" the penguin says "nah, thats just ice cream"

funniness: 4.89

rating: PG-13