Peter B.

Tip #1:Develop a name that deals with your scarred childlife. Tip #2: Get your girlfriend to legally change her name to 'shorty'. Tip#3: Develop an irresistable urge for popcorn (pop it, baby girl..I pop if for you..all the girls get it poppin for me..) Tip #4: Dye your skin black Tip #5: Learn all 20 &#%^$ words.(I know you know them) Tip #6:Become a skilled shot with a pistol, revolver, and other Ad Hoc weaponry. Tip #7:Diminsh your vocabulary to 25 words--20 #%@$!& words, sex, pop, shorty, sexy/sexed, all after dropping out of school at age 8 (kill you is optional) Tip #8: Buy one pair of XXL shorts, and make sure that they are to big. Tip #9: Kill someone Tip #10: Get a full-body tattoo Tip #11: Swing your arms unnescisarily Tip #12: Make sure that in your music videos, if you don't have enough $ for a car AND hydraulics, don't show the road--ba-bump-bab-bump-ba-bump? what does it FEEL like to hit a dog, cat, person... Tip #13: Become a gang leader Tip #14: Get enough money from your first CD to get a college degree in anything, even though you didn't finish 3rd grade. Tip #15: kill someone (again) Tip #16: Get arrested, then go on trial for both murders, then pay your way out Tip #17: kill someone (again) Repeat #16 Tip #18:Get a mean mask, but underneath it keep the 'dark, depressed you' Tip #19: Mumble, and speak quickly to get your first #1 hit. Tip #20: Reval your dark, depressionalte past, make everyone feel sorry for you, then get pulled over for drunk driving and peeing on your car (oops, sorr Mel..)

funniness: 5.28

rating: PG-13