Beverly C.

There is this incredibly dumb redneck named Bubba J. The following is a recent interview, before we get started, just want to give u a brief discription of Bubba J. He is a nascar fan. Loves Beer, and Has a tattoo in a place that grows :) Announcer: Bubba J. tell us about ur wife. Bubba J: Well i met her at the family reuinion. which was at the state fair. she was leaning on the ferris wheel making it tilt. sunshine shining off her curlers, a corndog in one hand, a beer in the other. Oh look!! my tattoos growing. Announcer: So Bubba J is your wife pretty? Bubba J: yes. no. Announcer: whats the difference between yes and no? Bubba J: the light. Announcer:Bubba J i hear you like to watch nascar and drink beer. I also hear that it is your favorite sport. Is that true? Bubba J: Yeah! So is Nascar. You know, it's and easy sport to follow when your hammered.

funniness: 2.40

rating: PG-13