Roy T.

One day Jesus and Moses were playing a round of Golf at the Heavenly Acres Golf Club. They approached Hole number 9, which is a 200 yard hole with a large pond between the tee box and the green. Moses stepped up first, lined up his shot, and took the safe route, landing on the fairway on the shore of the pond, well to the right of the hole. Jesus stepped up, and said "You know, Tiger woods won the Masters on this same hole at Augusta, and he got it in in two strokes- by using his nine iron to go straight for the green... if Tiger Woods can do it, I can do it." So Jesus pulled out his nine iron, hit it and of course the ball plopped straight into the pond. Moses chuckled, then split the pond in half, so Jesus could walk down and get the ball. Jesus returned the ball to the drop spot, and still weilding his nine iron said "If Tiger Woods can do it, so can I." Predictably, the ball ended up in the pond again. "Jesus, you're on your own with this one." So Jesus began to walk across the pond to retrieve his ball. With all this going on, another pair of golfers had caught up with them, and now were waiting for Jesus and Moses to finish up on the hole. Upon seeing Jesus walking on the pond, one of the men said "Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?" Moses turned to him and said, "No, Tiger Woods."

funniness: 8.26

rating: PG