Abraham R.

There is a plane flying in the middle of the ocean. The caption comes out and says "We have made a great error. There is to much weight and we cannot reach an airport that can handle the landing of a plane of this size. We must open the cargo doors and release everything that is under.? Everybody?s laughing, thinking it was some kind of joke, and then suddenly, they hear a loud noise. They look out through the window and see all there bags fly out of the plane. A couple of minutes later, the caption comes back on and says, ?I am sorry to inform you that that wasn?t enough to help us out, and no matter how many things we get rid from under the cargo space, it will not be enough. There is going to be a curtain number of people in this flight that are going to have to give their lives to save the rest of us. Such was done before and it shall be done know. It shall not be done in a bias matter. Therefore, we will do this in alphabetical order. So, will the African-Americans please move to the back of the plane?? Of course, nobody got up. The caption says, ?Fine, will all the Black people, please, move to the back of the plane?? Nobody got up again. Later, caption says, ?Will the Colored people, PLEASE, move to the back of the plane?? A little black girl looks at her mom and says ?Mama, I thought you said we was African-Americans.? Her mom tells her, ?No sweetheart! Today, were Nig---- and we go after the Mexicans!?

funniness: 4.77

rating: PG