Miss Danielle C.

One day a preist and his mate were playing golf. The preist took his shot and got par, his mate took the shot and missed. "Bugger Missed!" he he cursed. "Language! PLease!" cried the preist, "If you used language like that 3 times, God will send a lighting bolt down from heaven and it'll hit you!" "Sorry" said his mate. So they went on a few holes and the same thing happened again. "Bugger Missed!" He cried. "Please!" exclaimed the priest, "thats twice now!" "Sorry!" On they went and came to the 18th hole.The priest got par and his mate was really close but JUST went passed. "OH BUGGER! Bugger missed!" "Please control your language!" Then a thunder bolt came crashing down from the sky and struck the preist and a deep boom ing voice from heaven cried ... "BUGGER MISSED!"

funniness: 5.92

rating: PG