Roy T.

Mrs. Stein was a member of Manhattans elite social class. Her and her husband Larry were very rich and powerful, and as a tradition, they would take the most exotic and expensive vacation possible. One year they decided that they would take a month long safari in the deepest jungles of Africa. They said goodbye to their friends (making sure they ALL knew that they were going for the entire month, of course), and they took off for Africa. Many months came and went, and no sign of the Steins made many of their friends very concerned. A full nine months after she was supposed to be back, Mrs. Stein was seen walking down the street by her friend Eliza. "Mrs. Stein, so glad to see you, how's Larry?" "Larry's dead...he was eaten by a group of feirce apes." "That's horrible." "Oh, but it get worse." "Really? How?" "The king ape took me as his slave and raped me three times a day for 6 months." "That's awful!" "Yes it was, but it gets worse." "My word! What could possibly be worse than that?" "He doesn't write, he doesn't call."

funniness: 6.00

rating: PG-13