Adam G.

This really happened to me yesterday. I was trying to go to sleep , but the bed in the other room kept making this weird noise. I thought it might've been sex, but I decided just to go to bed because it was late. About, a good 10 minutes have passed and I still heard that damn bed banging. Annoyed, and curious, I went to the bedroom. There, I saw, my 48 and 47 year old parents, having dick to pussy sex. My dad quickly jumped out and same thing with my mom. I don't remember too much when that happened because I was in a very deep shock. The next morning my mom started saying that sex is a natural process in life. I acted as if everything was new too me, and listened. Then, my dad walks in and says that sex is like eating food. I thought about it all. Then I answered, "So let me get all of this straight, you can have all the sex you want, it comes naturally, and you have it 3-4 times a day?"

funniness: 5.88

rating: PG-13