Jase M.

A poor busker who was trying to make some money in a busy shopping mall wasn't having much luck. He was playing the saxophone, which he was quite bad at, and he looked really goofy. After a day of only making a tiny amount of money, he went home and asked his brother what he should do to make more. "You have to use your brain!" His brother told him, "Say that the money is going to a charity or something!" He thought about what his brother said, and decided he was right. So the next day he went back to the mall and he stuck up a big Salvation Army sign, and he wore a Salvation Army hat. He started to play again, and some of the older generation started to watch him. He started to make a bit more money, but it wasn't enough. He decided he needed to attract the younger generation, so he took off his clothes and played his saxophone naked. This instantly attracted a crowd of younger people who looked amazed. Even some of the grandmas stayed around to watch. He started to rake the money in. "God bless you!" One of the grandmas said to him, "Because you obviously weren't blessed at birth!" He didn't understand what this meant, but it didn't matter because she put a big $50 note into his hat. So for the next few days he continued to play naked with his Salvation Army hat on, and he continued to rake in lots of cash. But one day it was really cold, so he played with his clothes on. Because he had been playing in the same spot for so long, everyone had seem him by then. So the money kept on flowing in. He thought he must've really fooled them with the charity scam. But one day, when he was playing naked again (it seemed to attract more people), a teenager approached him. "Your sax playing is terrible, it really gives me the shits. It would be much more entertaining, if you were a hot girl with huge tits!" The man said to him. He stopped playing and stared at the man. He didn't like to be insulted without insulting back, so that's what he did. "At least I've got the guts, to be out here doing this. I haven't stopped playing once, even to go and piss!" He replied, angrily. "I would really hate to be you, you are obviously very poor. Haven't you noticed that when you're naked, you seem to make much more!" The man said. He was getting very angry now, and he wasn't about to get beaten by that poetic little bitch. "I'm not making more cash, because I'm showing my bum. I'm pretending I'm a charity worker, and the people here are just dumb!" He responded, smiling. He thought he had beaten the man. But he spoke again. "People here aren't dumb, you ignorant little prick. People just feel sympathetic, when they see the size of your dick!"

funniness: 4.39

rating: PG-13