Beth F.

One night, a guy named Fred was on his way home from work. Feeling lucky and not at all tired, he decided to go to the nearest casino and gamble for an hour or so. He walks inside the casino and there is a woman selling candy for some child organization. Also feeling generous, he went over there and told the lady he wanted a 50 cent candy bar. As he went to get his money out of his pocket, a dollar bill fell on the floor. He was going to wait until he paid for the candy bar to pick it up because his hands were full. After he got his candy bar, he noticed that the dollar bill was no longer on the floor. Someone had stolen his Dollar! Furious he asked the lady if she had seen who did it. She pointed to a guy in a Red hat walking fast toward the slot machines. The chase was on. Fred ran after the guy in the red hat but the casino was so crowded he lost him. Fred still didnt give up. He wandered all over the casino looking for the red hat guy. As he was about to give up, he spotted him. The guy in the red hat was carrying a heavy bag and he was struggling with it up to the counter of a bank of some sort. Fred marched right up to him and grabbed him by his shirt and told him everything he thought. Fred screamed and screamed at the guy for picking up his money and running off with it. Just as Fred got through with his 20 minute speech, the guy in the red hat said "Fine" he reached in the bag, shuffled through tons of cash that he had just won on a slot machine. Pulled out a dollar and handed it to him. "here's your dollar"....

funniness: 3.27

rating: G